Famous Clubs of Mykonos

Little Venice 
Don΄t forget to pass from Little Venice for a cocktail in one of the most photographed places in Mykonos with houses that their balconies hanging over the sea . The magical colours of the sun set and the music from the bars gives unforgettable moments . The best bar is caprice and  you must enjoy it during the time of the sun set .The traditional architecture and decorations with the magnificent sun set view the flower and the candles makes this bar for more than 30 years the ultimate spot . Order cocktail they are expert .

Champagne & cocktail bar 
If you would like champagne cocktails and nice slow bit music is your spot . In  Chora (town) in a location that you watch people to walking at the glamorous alley enjoy the best champagne  cocktail  . 

Bar club 
When i think of this Bar always i remember all the people to dance and have unforgettable moments . After 12:00 the bar start to be fun . 

Rock and roll
Bar restaurant 
Out side of the bar a lot of people passing so you might see  someone you now  also you can have your dinner but in side the loud music of Dj makes you dance in his rhythm .

Bar Restaurant
Maybe the best view to town with a beautiful environment you will enjoy refined culinary suggestions of the mediterranean cuisine with Greek touches .Two difference situations out side diner and the view of town and in side loud music and  dance .

 Is the bar that every body pass in front , stay tune .

Jackie O 
Bar club with always nice music 
The bar is next to the old port in front of the sea . From 22:00 you can have your cocktails with excellent music  outside to the  lunch sofa , but if the North wind is strong you dont have enjoy it . After the midnight in side the bar the music going louder and every body  dance like a crazy . Famous for its drug shows with amazing performance .


Cavo paradiso 
Don΄t miss the best club ever .
One of the best summer club in the world is Cavo Paradiso . when the rest of us go to bed the clubers move towards paradise beach and the ultimate dance club  In a unique place build on the rocks and overlooking  the sea next to paradise beach fans from around the world comes to hear and dance under the rhythm of the best Djs in the world . Is no random  that the best  happens there like . David Guetta , Louie Vega , David Morales , Armin Van Buren , and many many others Also the  famous Gay Festival XLSIOR .                                                                                                                                  Opens 2:00 after the midnight and close late after the sunrise .
(url of cavo paradiso )

Dream city
Club with house music 
A club in the Chora town with extreme decoration . They happens events  , parties and live performances every day with famous Djs
Live Greek Music
If you want to hear Greek music the club 4711 is the ideal choice that you can understand how the greeks have fan , with  Dionysis Skoinas on vocals .

Elysium Show

Time for show in Sunset Cabaret of Elysium Hotel 
Impressive  drag queens put on life time performances , dancers shake their bodies and music takes you to a spectacle that knows no gender boundaries . Elysium is the first gay hotel open in Mykonos and as they say isnt a gay friendly hotel but a straight friendly hotel . With famous professional drag queens with one of them the famous Epiphany and with more than 60 different shows are held every summer with costumes , feathers, wings and a lot of glitter . It is an unmatched spectacle worthy to be seen both for gay and straight oriented audiences .  The show happens  at the Elysium terrace every day from 21:00 till 24:00