Most Preferred Beach Bars of Mykonos

In recent years, the mood has been transferred to the beaches with some of the beach bars to give high quality service to the customer. From the morning with comfortable sunbeds at noon with good food and the afternoon transformed into clubs with loud music and lots of dance .

Discover some of them.

The absolute cosmopolitan beach restaurant bar 
 The famous Nammos  in Psarou beach , fun at the highest  levels, the sea right on the front and an atmosphere that brings out the cosmopolitan character of the beach as the mega yachts tie in the bay . The menu is international with too many choices Italian spaghetti with seafood , Fresh fish ,  delicious risotto, black angus  Stake , Arab cuisine, and of course champagne, lots of champagne . In the morning there is beach service to the comfortable  sun beds with cocktails and finger foods  . There is a part of Nammos Coo  sushi restaurant that you can order delicious Japanese tastes . At the noon and at the time of  lunch  the music is chill out  and as the volume of the music going louder the fun is at the top and the one champagne brings the other ,  so every body dancing  on the tables . Do not be surprised if someone famous dance next to you . keep in mind during the dance you  gets wet from the champagnes . Also you can enjoy massage , beauty treatment , and shopping from Luisa  boutique . Dont miss the luxury villa in to Psarou bay next to Nammos.

Beach restaurant in Kalo Livadi . 
Solymar's design blends harmoniously with the magnificent scenery.
Its fun , the beach is the daily meeting point for people seeking relaxation and special pampering, as the team’s goal is to fulfil every single wish! With comfortable sunbeds and special cocktails from the Beach Bar as the dj play loud  music during the afternoon . The dancing is necessary. 
Well known Chef Marios Tsouris, combines the Mediterranean cuisine with ethnic elements and creates a highly sophisticated gastronomy.

Jackie O 
The best design beach restaurant bar  located in Super Paradise beach .Renovated the last two years and  transformed into the most beautiful beach bar on the island.
Cool tastes in oyster bar combined with traditional and internationals meals , and starters that they bring you in a glass vases  as eggplant , humous with hot home made bread and impressive cocktails . For your moments of your well-being, unwind in comfort on the lounges and relax on the beds by the Pool while enjoying your lunch or a refreshing cocktail on the breeze. Here, you can experience the invigorating Jacuzzi effects with a cold glass of champagne in hand while relishing the beautiful views of the Aegean Sea.  In the afternoon the party begin , and  the fun starts be at the top  . The great shows and concerts will entertain you till the night time . Holidays in Mykonos must start from here . Mostly daily . Need reservation for lunch the hight season .

How to get there 
Driving. Follow the road from Karamanlis roundabout to the airport. Go round the airport. Next two turns to the right, following Jackie’O signs to the right side of Super Paradise beach. Free valet parking available
-Taxi boat, local wooden Fishing boat from Ornos ,  check the local timetable at Ornos beach .

The launch side of Mykonos 
One of the most launch restaurant  beach bar of the island . Is the most alternative beach bar as you can lying down to big pillows and the combination of launch music with the cottons around you makes another atmosphere . The menu is finger food for the beach and international menu to the main area . 
Being 6 Km from the town .
Free valet parking available .

 Where Design Meets Tradition
The design concept is that of a traditional Greek tavern with a twist in design of traditional Greek elements from the island of Mykonos and of Greece in general.  Another element is the dry-stone walls that blend harmoniously into the scrubby landscape, the practical, heavy-duty and durable screed concrete floors, and the natural reed-thatched roof insulation to provide shade on those sunny summer days.  The recognisable, traditional features and textures have been functionally used in this modern day bar-restaurant with the traditional organic forms use widely across the island.
Located at the east side of Ftelia beach . The Alemagou beach restaurant, has service to the sun beds and the  menu is international with fish and  touch of Greek flavour . Dont forget to drink cocktails the barman is expert .