Paraga Beach, Mykonos

The  Paraga beach  with the  white sand is known from the photos with the rock in the sea where one can go for the sunbath .  
Paraga beach  stay more hippie style  all this years maybe this is due to the camping next the beach Has two Beach Restaurant worth the one is Tavern Tassos you can  enjoy homemade meals and seafood snacks . Prefer wine steam mussels .
Also there is the Kalua beach restaurant bar. In the morning you can relax in the sun beds and during the day you can taste the mediterranean creative menu, with impressive cocktails. Afternoon the music is loud and every body dance. During the hight season the beach is very crowded . 

How to get there : 

from the square of karamanlis and direction to airport  there is a sign right you to Paraga and from there 3 minutes drive you will be at the first junction  which leads you to the west side of the  beach closer to Kalua restaurant club Or you continue  to the next junction which leads you to the east side of the beach .
The parking is more comfortable and bigger  to the west side .
Distance from Chora 7 km or 10 minutes drive .

Paraga Beach on the map