Personalized Luxury Services for our unique Customers

Car rental in Mykonos

We can provide you with cars from a wide range, and if you wish, we can accompany you on your daily basis with a personal driver that will free you from the stress of knowing where to go and drive in the island traffic, but also to take you to interesting places most travelers do not know.

Welcome basket for our unique clients 

Especially traditional Greek products that we have found for you exclusively from the best parts of Greece and who would envy and the best restaurants.

The best olive oil in the world, with around exesies small olive taste, which is from Mani.
Sweet mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, olives from the mountains of Vitina.
Honey orange Evia.
Caper leaves this exesio fylloma which is the perfect accompaniment to a meze with wine and cheese from Tinos.
The Mykonos cheese Kopanisti, which list the intense saltiness of accompanied by fresh tomato, olive oil and grated fresh oregano and others that will surprise you.

The way to gourmet food can make you rich 

We will organize an exquisite gourmet meals in the villa with local famous chef that will cover even your latest culinary desires, from a candle light dinner with saxophone player, playing modern and jazz music, up to party with delicious BUFFET bites, dj and dancers.

Yoga Meditation

Mykonos is not only for entertainment but also for meditation, as Mykonos with a nearby ancient island of Delos is the most beacon parts of Greece.
With yoga you will be inspired and will travel along with the vibrant colors of the west side of the sun in ancient island of Apollo.
We have the best certified yoga instructor and Pilates trainer.
Book a course and have a good course.

Hair - Nails - Massage

Welcome to a world of beauty, glamor and charm
Experience a memorable, rejuvenating your body and your spirit in the hands of specialists with services:

  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyebrows
  • Waxing
  • Make up
  • Hairstyling
  • Face & body
  • Massage